It has started with the vission to create the difference in dealings by building relationship and providing something extra than just business. With the help of our more than 10 years of hands on relevant professional experience we have begun to amass the best reputation in our core fields.


Element 5 has its own state of art fabrication unit in New Delhi (5100 sqft) and Banglore with fully equieped with modern tools and machines (technology)


Get Client requirement - Produce 3D design - Approval from client - Fabrication in our factory - Mock up - Installation on sight - Delivery on time before opening.

About Us

Welcome to the world of Element 5
You are invited to the young and ambitious world of Element5, to witness the innovation, ideas, design, technologies, deliverence, quality, hospitality, comfort and satisfaction. We are the people who identifiy the significance of five elements of the nature and proudly own their devotion and inspiration in our values and working. Let us share these elements inspire us for creating values.

Air -
Like it has no shape & boundry, our creativity, mobility, innovation and ideas also have no limit and inspire us to drag possibilities from impossibilities.

Sky -
No one knows how high sky is, likely we are the people who has no bar of our height, spirit, performance and confidance which make us always to stand at front.

Fire -
Known for its quality of transformation, similarly we are transforming the world with enthusiasm, team work and fortitude.

Water -
It has no colour and become the same when mixed with any, thats the quality educate us the gelling factor, adoptability of change and understanding towards better future.

Earth -
Like mother earth is bearing a lot to make us like, inspiring us towards hard work, patience and productivity to give comfort to all our associates. The tool which nature has given us have helped us to become the front runner in identifying the industry trends and meeting the market demands. Thus thee are our core competencies on which we vision and mission for the better future.

Company News

May 18 , 2015
Exhibition Hall
We have successfully delivered the Exhibition hall Interior of Liugong india pvt. ltd. at Pithampur Indore.

March 02, 2015
We have added anotherfether of achievement after successfully delevering the stall of SCHWING STETTER in CONMAC 2015 Assam.